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Animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers
working to preserve wild families

Wildlife Aid Brigade, LLC, is a training business created by Sue Lunson Farinato to protect wild animals and their families.  It offers three different training programs for animal shelter staff and volunteers on humane handling and response to wildlife situations.

Volunteer Response/
Rescue Program

of Wildlife Aid Brigade trains volunteers and staff to respond from animal shelters regarding injured, ill or possibly orphaned wild animals.  The volunteer/staff travels to the site and determines the species of the animal, the age and health of the animal, and whether it actually needs help. The volunteer/staff may renest baby birds or rabbits or reunite baby animals reported as orphans with their parents. Those trained in this program also provide first aid and transport the animal to the shelter if necessary. (Read more on the Volunteer Response/Rescue page.)

Click here to download the Volunteer Response/Rescue brochure. 

Call of the Wild 
trains shelter staff and volunteers to handle wildlife calls from the public so that the public is educated about basic life history of native species, public health concerns are addressed, and baby animals are given a chance to stay with their parents.  Call-taker training saves the shelter's resources by reducing the volume of field responses performed by animal control officers, so that they may concentrate on companion animal matters. (Read more on Call of the Wild page.)

Wild Ward helps shelters and humane societies establish an emergency ward for native wildlife awaiting transport to wildlife rehabilitators and centers.  It teaches staff and volunteers to properly care for wildlife by providing temporary housing, feeding and diet protocols to stabilize and nourish injured, orphaned and sick animals. (Read more on the Wild Ward page.)
Watch video of our field work here. (Made possible by an anonymous donor.)
Please note: this website is not for wildlife emergency inquiries.  Please click on this link, 
http://tiny.cc/Ty410 , to locate a wildlife rehabilitator in your area.

The programs of Wildlife Aid Brigade are designed to keep wildlife families together, particularly when human-caused disruption of wildlife homes has occurred.  By using techniques such as recreating a nest, wild adult animals are given another chance to raise their own young in the wild.

Sue L. Farinato, Founder and Owner, is a wildlife rehabilitator based in Maryland.  She served on the Wildlife Subcommittee of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments for five years.

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