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Training Fees
Volunteer Response/Rescue Training:  The 2-day classroom instruction (approximately 14 hours), training manual, and 4-hour wildlife handling session costs $95 per participant.

 Call-Taker's Training:  The 4.5-hour session and manual costs $55.00 per participant.  For a group of 4 or more from the same organizaton, the cost can be reduced to $45.00 per participant. 

Wild Ward Training: The course consists of two parts:  a 4-hour visit from a Brigade consultant to organize the Wild Ward with all of the equipment gathered by the shelter (list to be provided in advance).  The second part will take a full day beginning with a 90-minute power point presentation, lunch, then 4 hours of work in the ward with live animals provided by a local wildlife center or rehabilitator.  Cost is $250 for a minimum of 4 people, but may be more depending upon location and travel expenses.
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