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Call of the Wild
Call of the Wild is provided to staff and volunteers who regularly take calls about wildlife so that they may better better serve wildlife, the staff of the shelter, and the community in which the shelter operates.  The call-taker is trained to ask the caller a series of questions about a wildlife situation, to educate the caller about a specie's natural history and habits, and to engage the caller in taking an active role in observing and helping the animal stay in the wild.  Techniques such as humane eviction from a dwelling, and reconstructing a bird's nest, are given over the telephone to callers willing to cooperate, thereby saving the resources of the shelter, enlightening the public, and keeping wild families together.

Call of the Wild training program lasts 4.5 hours and includes a training manual, interactive exercises and developmental/behavioral charts on various mammal species.

Over 70 participants from animal shelters, humane societies and park service have taken the Call-taker's Training Program during the last two years.
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